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Your Starting Point for CBG Hemp Flower

Photo by Inspector CBD on Unsplash
Photo by Inspector CBD on Unsplash

When people think of the CBG cannabinoid, they typically think of products like tinctures, edibles, and topicals. However, certain strains have been bred over the years to present a higher CBG potency than other strains. Smokable hemp flower, while a niche sector of the industry, is gaining popularity. But how do you know what strains are high CBG potency strains?

This list is a starting point down the rabbit hole of CBG smokable hemp flower.

White Widow

A great starter smokable hemp flower, White Widow averages around 15% CBGa and less than .3% THC, according to Mr. Hemp Flower. The Beta-Pinene terpene present in its profile offers a spicy, earthy, and fresh flavor.

Sour G

According to Fern Vally Farms, Sour G CBG flower is a Sativa-dominate strain that offers a 7-8% CBG potency. The lower potency is good for those just beginning to try CBG until they know how it impacts them.

John Snow

When your watch has ended, John Snow may just be the CBG strain for you. According to CBD American Shaman, this Sativa-dominate strain averages around 20% CBG while staying under the .3% THC potency range.

Minor cannabinoid-focused strains have begun to give new life to the hemp industry. These strains allow for more variation and opens new avenues to consumers. But while this is exciting news, consumers should always use discretion and confirm the validity of the products they purchase. To learn what to look for when purchasing a quality product, please check out our guide here.


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