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How to Choose the Right CBD Product For You

There are a million CBD products on the market. With all the options, trying to figure out where to begin can seem overwhelming. Here is a basic guide on how to choose the right CBD product, with CBD specialist tips and tricks to help you along.

What do you want to use CBD for?

Are you looking to add an additional supplement to your health routine? Are you hoping to target a specific area? Or are you hoping for an all-over aid?

If you are looking for an all-over aid: a softgel, edible, powder, or tincture is your best option. Which one you choose is dependant on how comfortable you are with measuring your dosage.

If you are looking to target a specific area, then a topical is the way to go. Like any essential oil, CBD can be absorbed into the skin to target specific points on the body. However, not all creams are the same. Keep in mind the amount of CBD in the topical and any additional essential oils will also have an effect on your body.

Are you comfortable with measuring dosages?

If the answer is no, there is no need to worry! Softgels and edibles are premeasured into dosages, with the lowest common dosage being 10mg CBD. I would encourage new CBD users to start with a premeasured product to help them get a feel for how CBD affects them.

If you are comfortable measuring your own dosages, then tinctures and powders are the way to go. Start with a 10mg dosage to see how CBD affects you before taking more.

What to look for when buying CBD products.

There are a few tips and tricks to choosing a reliable CBD product.

Certificates of Analysis

Companies may provide a COA for customers to view. This will show CBD content, THC content, and other information about the product as tested by a third-party lab.

Medical Claims

Any honest CBD company will never make medical claims. It is against FDA regulations to do so.

CBD content

If you read my article on why not to buy CBD on eBay then you will notice that I mention some companies claim to have exorbitant amounts of CBD in their products for ridiculously low prices. These companies do not provide a COA for their products, and many times do not include ingredient lists either.

Ingredient Lists

If a company does not include an ingredient list on their website for any of their products, then RUN. It doesn't matter if it is a topical or a product to be consumed orally. A company that does give consumers access to their ingredients is hiding something.

Additional things to consider

Talk to your doctor before using CBD products if you are on any prescribed medication.

Just like with medicinal herbs and essential oils, CBD can affect how your medication interacts with your body. The more we study how CBD can benefit us, the more knowledge doctors are able to pass on to their patients.

Read reviews other than what is on the company's website.

No one wants to look bad. That's just human nature. But listening to what others have to say about the product you are buying can help you make an informed decision. People have turned to sites like Reddit and Quora to seek legitimate answers to their questions. Remember, there are (almost) no dumb questions.


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