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C4 HealthLabs Delta 8 Gummy Review

Photo by Shelby McDaniel

If you are anything like me, then the holidays can send you into a bit of a tailspin. There are a million things to do before family comes to visit, and not nearly enough time to get them done. Instead of turning to a glass of wine to help me wind down at the end of a busy day of holiday preparation, I had the privilege of trying C4 Healthlabs Delta 8 Gummies.

Each bottle contains 30 15mg full-spectrum gummies, each one packed with delicious fruit flavor. These gummies are organic, non-GMO, and cruelty-free, making them a great option for individuals from all walks of life.

Cannabinoid Analysis

COA provided by C4 Healthlabs

Delta 8 is one of the more than 100 known cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. Known for its psychoactive properties, Delta 8 has risen in popularity in the past several years. For more information about this incredible cannabinoid, please visit our article here.

When looking at the COA for C4 Healthlabs Delta 8 gummies, individuals can verify that each gummy contains roughly 15mg of Delta 8 and less than .2% Delta 8 THC per serving. C4 Healthlabs provides information such as COAs, ingredients, and allergen information on the product page for easy access.

The Taste Test

When I first tried C4 Healthlabs Delta 8 gummies, I immediately noticed how the taste of the Delta 8 did not overpower the overall flavor of the gummy. It was sweet and fruity without a heavy aftertaste. Overall, it was a great example of what a Delta 8 gummy should be.

The Experience - Round 1

Even though I am experienced with Delta 8 products, I have a naturally low tolerance threshold. 15mg per serving was the perfect serving size for me, and the fruit flavor was pleasant, with very little aftertaste. I took the gummy at the end of a long day spent cleaning and getting the house ready for the holidays.

It took about 20-30 minutes for the gummy to take effect. I first noticed a more relaxed feeling, coupled with euphoric sensations. Overall, it was a relaxing experience that allowed me to unwind and get some much-needed sleep.

The Experience - Round 2

Sometimes, we need a bit of help to properly be able to relax. That is why for my second experience with C4 Healthlabs, I decided to hang out and watch some holiday movies. I took one gummy before starting a movie and in about 20 minutes began feeling the effects.

Similar to the first round, I experienced feelings of euphoria and relaxation. However, since I was awake this time, I noticed an increased appetite. Thankfully, this was something that some popcorn could solve.

Additional Notes

This is probably my favorite C4 Healthlabs product to date. It tastes great and I did not experience any adverse side effects like headaches. If there were any improvements I would like to see C4 Healthlabs make on their Delta 8 gummies, it would be the desire to see them expand on the flavor options for their gummies. While their fruit flavor is delicious, I would love to see them offer more flavors in order to appeal to a wider audience.

About C4 Healthlabs

C4 Healthlabs is a Hemp centered brand based in South Carolina. With the desire to create high quality hemp products, C4 Healthlabs has created a line of products for those both new and experienced with hemp-derived oils, edibles, and more.

To shop for your own bottle of Delta 8 gummies or any of their other wonderful products, please visit their website here.


This article is solely my opinion of 15mg Delta 8 gummies provided to me by C4 Healthlabs for review. Please be aware that Delta 8 products, such as oils and gummies, have a different impact on each person. My experience may be different from another individual's. Please consult with your doctor before you try Delta 8 gummies if you are on any prescribed medications or have severe allergies.



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