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C4 Healthlabs 800mg Delta 8 Oil Review

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Photo by Shelby McDaniel
Photo By Shelby McDaniel

Delta 8 is a cannabinoid product you have probably found on store shelves over the past several years. But when it comes to finding a Delta 8 product, quality is important. That is why I was so excited when C4 Healthlabs sent me their 800mg Delta 8 Oil to try!

This product contains 26.66mg of Delta 8 THC derived from hemp per serving, with each bottle containing roughly 30 servings. It is BPA-free, cruelty-free, and third-party lab-tested for quality assurance.

Cannabinoid Analysis

Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid found within the hemp and cannabis plants that are known for producing psychoactive properties. There are several different kinds of THC cannabinoids, however, Delta 8 is one of the most popular. For more information bout Delta 8 THC, please read our article here.

When it came to looking at the COA for C4 Healthlabs 800mg Delta 8 oil, C4 Healthlabs makes it easy. The COA is located on the product page for easy access. When pulled up, shoppers can verify the amount of Delta 8 and that it passed all required testing. When doing the math, this particular product contains roughly about 26.66ml of Delta 8 THC derived from hemp per serving.

C4 Healthlabs also includes information about allergen warnings, ingredient lists, how to use their products, and what Delta 8 THC is. All of this can also be found on the product page on their website.

The Taste Test

I used the sublingual method when consuming the Delta 8 oil, allowing for better absorption into my system. This particular oil is citrus flavored, offering a very fruity and light-tasting palate. It had a pleasant taste without the sometimes odd aftertaste you can get from some hemp-derived oils.

I personally prefer the citrus flavor over the natural flavor simply due to how I consume the oil. It tastes fresh, with the essence of biting into a fresh orange. There is a slight taste of coconut oil, but it compliments the citrus flavoring.

The Experience - Round 1

Like with most new products, I started with a smaller serving size of .5ml (roughly about 13.33mg) to see how I reacted to the Delta 8 oil. I used the sublingual method to consume the oil directly from the dropper. I counted to 60 before swallowing, enjoying the flavor.

I spent the morning in my garden, transplanting sage, mint, and other herbs into our flowerbeds. The Delta 8 oil took less than 20 minutes to begin taking effect, producing feelings of euphoria and relaxation. My body felt light, and more zoned in on my work, enjoying the moment connecting with nature.

The Experience - Round 2

I wound up taking another .5ml serving later on in the evening. I wanted to spend the evening relaxing and catching up on some writing. Using the sublingual method once again, I counted to 60 and swallowed.

Similar to before, it took about 15 minutes to fully feel the effects. I felt zoned into what I was working on and before I knew it, an hour had passed. When I shut my laptop, I still felt the same relaxed and euphoric sensations as I did with the first serving earlier in the day. I decided to head to bed, where I fell asleep quickly and stayed asleep throughout the night.

Additional Notes

When it comes to citrus-flavored products, C4 Healthlabs is one of my favorites. If they needed to make any improvements to their Delta 8 oil, it would be expanding on flavor options. While I may enjoy a citrus flavor, some may prefer peppermint or vanilla. However, I would encourage those on the fence about citrus-flavored products to give C4 Healthlabs a try.

About C4 Healthlabs

C4 Healthlabs is a Hemp centered brand based in South Carolina. With the desire to create high quality hemp products, C4 Healthlabs has created a line of products for those both new and experienced with hemp-derived oils, edibles, and more.

To shop for your own bottle of 800mg Delta 8 oil or any of their other wonderful products, please visit their website here.


This article is solely my opinion of 800mg Delta 8 oil provided to me by C4 Healthlabs for review. Please be aware that Delta 8 products, such as oils, have a different impact on each person. My experience may be different from another individual's. Please consult with your doctor before you try Delta 8 oil if you are on any prescribed medications or have severe allergies.



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