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New to Cannabis? Start Learning Here

Photo by Testeur de CBD on Unsplash
Photo by Testeur de CBD on Unsplash

The cannabis industry can feel daunting to new individuals beginning their journey. It can become overwhelming between compliance changes, product information, and the science behind cultivating the plants themselves. Many new to the industry wonder, "Where do I begin?"

Being a part of the cannabis industry requires one to be a life-long learner. New technology and the expansion of legalization have propelled changes to the industry at a head-spinning rate. Thankfully, there are places where new industry professionals can learn more. Here are just a few to get started:

Google Scholar

The best way to dispel negative stereotypes and propaganda is with facts. One of the best ways to filter through the ads and product pitches is to use Google Scholar. This branch of Google is designed to prioritize research papers, articles, and studies.

The Hemp Bitch

Made with consumer education in mind, the Hemp Bitch is a useful tool when learning about cannabis in an easy-to-understand way. This blog contains information on cannabinoids, industry events, and other valuable information. Requests can even be made for topics readers want to know more about.

Verne Bio's Knowledge Center

For those in the cultivation portion of the cannabis industry, Verne Bio's Knowledge Center can be a useful tool. Their focus is on plant pathogens, cultivation information, plant testing, and other information. This can be a valuable resource for understanding the nitty-gritty portions of cultivating cannabis plants.


To connect and learn from other industry professionals, Leafwire can be a beneficial resource. Unlike other social media, this is a cannabis-friendly platform that does not censor professional content. Connect with other professionals and find resources not available on other social media platforms.


Leafly is a great place to learn about cannabis no matter your niche in the industry. Their Cannabis 101 portal contains a wealth of information for industry professionals and consumers alike. It is a great place to learn about the cannabis plant.

These five resources can be a great base to begin learning about cannabis. While this industry requires its professionals to be life-long learners, having resources like these makes that task easier.



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