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Mold in your Cannabis? Here is What to do.

Photo by Ndispensable on Unsplash
Photo by Ndispensable on Unsplash

Nothing is sadder than breaking up a large nug to find that it has molded. Unfortunately, this will sometimes happen, but knowing what to do can save you a headache or two.

What is the Mold in Cannabis?

This is a common, and often times preventable, problem in the cannabis industry known as botrytis. Oftentimes it is called bud rot, specifically because it will quite literally rot the bud. This mold can appear white, grey, brown, and in severe cases black.

Can Ingesting Moldy Cannabis Make You Sick?

In a nutshell, yes. Ingesting molded cannabis can make an individual sick. According to the Vancouver Sun, "For people who are allergic to mould, smoking could result in inflamed sinuses and lungs. This, in turn, could produce symptoms such as sinus pain, wheezing and congestion."

What to do with Moldy Cannabis

As soon as you find mold in your cannabis, immediately stop consuming it. If you have purchased your cannabis from a dispensary, then call the dispensary and politely explain your findings. Reputable companies will request that you bring the contaminated product back along with the receipt. Refunds and exchanges may vary depending on state laws and company policy.

If you have ingested the moldy cannabis and are experiencing symptoms, please consult your physician as it could lead to more serious health problems.

It is important to purchase your legal cannabis from a reputable company that has a focus on quality and transparency. These are the brands that invest in quality control to avoid instances like moldy cannabis from reaching customers. However, knowing the signs and what to do can help increase consumer safety and industry transparency.



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