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What is CBG?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

If you pay attention to the hemp market, one of the up and coming cannabinoids is CBG. While similar to CBD and CBN, CBG has it's own unique benefits. But what exactly is CBG and what potential uses does this specific cannabinoid have?

According to Analytical Cannabis, "As the cannabis plant matures, CBGA, which is the acidic form of CBG, is converted by plant enzymes into some ratio of the three major cannabinoid precursors: tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), and cannabichromenic acid (CBCA). From the amounts of CBGA that are not converted into these precursors, or any of the other minor cannabinoids, CBG is formed through decarboxylation."

While that sounds complex, it's a fantastic breakdown of how CBG fits into the vast web of cannabinoids within the cannabis plant. But now that we have an idea of what CBG is scientifically, what is it good for?

Healthline published an article citing studies done in recent years showing CBG's potential benefits including, but not limited to, appetite stimulation, reduction in inflammation associated with inflammatory bowel disease, and reduction in the growth of cancer cells. And while these studies show promising hope for the future of this cannabinoid, much more research needs to be done to turn the "potential" into a "definite".

It is worth noting that growers wanting to grow for CBG production should look at seed producers with seeds specifically bred for CBG production. In an article published by Cibdol, a Swiss extraction company, "Most of the cannabis strains on today’s market are bred to be high in THC and/or CBD; and the more THC or CBD present in a plant sample, the less CBG. Hence, strains usually contain only small amounts of CBG." By purchasing strains bred specifically for CBG production, growers are more likely to achieve the results they desire.

CBG is showing promising benefits for a number of problems we face, including cancer research. But while this much-needed research is being done, it is still a niche sector of the hemp market. Growers wanting to tap into this emerging sector should partner with reputable companies focused on CBG production to achieve their goals. With more research being done on this specific cannabinoid, we can learn its uses and how it can benefit humanity as a whole.

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