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SinuSave CBD Nasal Spray Review

Photo by Shelby McDaniel
Photo by Shelby McDaniel

Seasonal allergies leave me a puffy, snotty mess that even the best makeup cannot fix. So when SinuSave reached out to see if I would be willing to try their new CBD Nasal Spray, I agreed in between sniffles. After the phone call, I promptly began a five minute long sneezing fit.

Cannabinoid Analysis

Like any other CBD product, this nasal spray has undergone third-party testing as required by state and federal regulations. For more information about third-party testing, please check out our in-depth article here.

SinuSave makes checking a COA easy. Shoppers can check out the COA for their nasal spray directly on their website. The COA for the nasal spray I tried showed that it contained no detectable THC while containing CBD with trace amounts of CBDV.

The Sniff Test

Since this is a nasal spray, a sniff test replaced our usual taste test. For this, I removed my nose ring and sprayed one good squirt (for lack of a better word) up each nostril.

As someone who has experienced the unpleasantness of terpenes in my eye and up my nose, I was expecting a bit of a stinging sensation. However, I did not experience any burning, tingling, or stinging. While I could feel the spray coating my nasal passage, it was not unpleasant.

The CBD nasal spray also did not have a distinct hemp or terpy scent to it. I have used hemp products that left an overwhelming smell or taste, but SinuSave's CBD nasal spray allowed me to (literally) smell the flowers without the overpowering smell of hemp.

The Experience

I used SinuSave's CBD Nasal Spray twice a day over a weekend period while my allergies were moderate. I opted to not take my usual allergy medicine while testing the nasal spray. I wanted to see exactly what the CBD nasal spray had to offer.

After the "sniff test", I opted to use the CBD spray once in the morning and once in the evening before working in my garden. These are my usual flare-up times and I wanted to see how the nasal spray worked against mother nature.

The most notable thing I noted about this nasal spray was how clear my sinuses were. Usually, my nose runs all spring and sometimes into summer. However, this spray kept my nasal passages open.

About SinuSave

SinuSave is a veteran-owned hemp company based in Las Vegas with a mission to provide drug-free nasal sprays to the public. Prompted by the founder's personal experiences, SinuSave was created in 2017 and has continued to grow.

To order your own bottle of SinuSave CBD nasal spray or read more about how this product was created, please visit their website for more information.


This article is solely my opinion of CBD Nasal Spray provided to me by SinuSave for review. Please be aware that CBD products, such as nasal sprays, have a different impact on each person. My experience may be different from another individual's. Please consult with your doctor before you try CBD nasal spray if you are on any prescribed medications or have severe allergies.


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