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Guerilla Marketing Tactics Every Blogger Should Know

Anyone can create a blog, but it takes blood, sweat, and tears to create a blog with valuable content. When I began the Hemp Bitch blog, I was looking for a way to help fill the days while quarantined during the initial COVID-19 lockdowns. Like many others, my financial resources were limited. In order to promote the Hemp Bitch, I had to find ways to advertise that didn't put a strain on my wallet.

Social Media

  • Find and use the channels your audience uses

    • There are dozens of social media channels available, however, you only really need to use a few. Find which social media channels your target audiences use the most and focus your marketing efforts on creating quality content that your followers will value.

  • Jump in on trends that relate to your content

    • Every social media channel has challenges or trends. If one arises that correlates with your blog's audience, then participating can bring your brand to their attention.

  • Interact with your audience

    • Your followers know there is a real person behind the profile. Interacting with your audience, even if it is just saying thank you to a compliment can have a lasting (and positive) impact.

  • Explore more niche social media sites

    • Facebook, Instagram, and the other major platforms are not the only ones available. Smaller niche sites have arisen as alternatives to big tech. For example, Leafwire is a cannabis focused social media site for industry professionals.

Alternative Platforms with Mobile Optimization

  • Expand your audience

    • Alternative Platforms such as Medium and Flipboard both are designed to be read on the go. Utilizing platforms such as these can expand your reach to new readers without having to dip into your wallet.

  • App capability

    • With an app already on your reader's phone or tablet, they can access your content with ease.

  • Passive income

    • Platforms like Medium allow content creators to sign up with their partner program. However, it is worth noting that marketing your content published on Medium is reliant on the creator.

Quality over Quantity

Clickbait sites are a dime a dozen. To keep your readers coming back, focus on quality content. Quality content can be shared by readers and used as a reference point for more content down the road. It is also worth noting that quality content can give your blog more authority than clickbait.

These marketing tactics are valuable tools for bloggers of all experience. Running a blog does not have to take a massive marketing budget. Thankfully, there are ways to help organically direct readers to your content. By getting creative, you can promote your blog and make your wallet happy at the same time.


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