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5 Simple Cannabis Marketing Tips For Beginners

I discovered I had a knack for marketing in college. However, it wasn't until I began working within the hemp industry that I really began to stretch my legs.

I once told my partner that if someone could successfully market within the cannabis industry, they could market anything. To this day, I still stand by that rule. The cannabis industry is like a minefield with constantly changing rules, regulations, laws, and policies.

To be honest, I wish someone would have sat down and told me 5 simple things that would make my cannabis marketing journey start out a bit smoother. If I had known these five simple tidbits of information, I could have started out stronger than I did.

1 - You Are Not A Miracle Worker

No one wants to be the person to tell your boss no, but working for someone who expects exceptional ROI with no budget is a bit of an impossibility. It is important to remember that you are a human, not a miracle worker.

2 - Networking Is Cruital

One thing that I tell anyone new to the cannabis industry is this industry is like a small town. Everyone knows everyone. Word of mouth is a very important part of the industry, even outside the marketing sector. Platforms like Leafwire and LinkedIn can help build relationships and build an audience organically.

3 - Listen To What Consumers Want

Who is your audience? When you pinpoint your key audience, find out what they respond to. By listening to your brand's consumers, you can develop marketing strategies that increase ROI.

4 - Statistics and Metrics Are Your Friends

How do you know what is working and what isn't? There are dozens of tools available that help track your websites, email campaigns, and social media channels to see how well consumers are responding.

5 - Remember to Step Away Once In A While

Just like with any job, burnout can be a huge hiderence. Remember that you are a human who does need a break from time to time, especially when it comes to social media. By taking care of yourself, you can bring your best self to the job.


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