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The Money Side of Freelance Writing

Photo by Sasun Bughdaryan on Unsplash

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of becoming a professional writer. When I accepted my first job as a freelance writer, I felt like my childhood dream was coming true. While I wasn't a New York Times Best Selling Author like I had dreamed of being as a little girl, I was on the right path to achieving my goals. But as I started down this path, I began to examine the more technical side of professional writing.

The largest technical issue I had (besides how much did I want to send on coffee at the local cafe?) was how did I want clients to pay me? More often than not, I work with people who live in another state, so meeting up to grab a check was not an option. I was also familiar with how vulnerable apps like Venmo and Paypal were. So taking my financial safety and the safety of my clients in mind, I came up with several payment options.


When it came to sharing the bills in our household, we dove into finding a safe and reliable way to be able to send money to each other. When it came to security, G-Pay held more appeal than other options that always seemed to suffer security breaches and scams. While funds can take several days to appear into the designated account, I have never had any issues with security or customer service.

Cashiers Check/Money Order

Working in customer service taught me checks can bounce, sometimes for sinister means and sometimes just an accidental miscalculation. To eliminate either from happening, I opted for an option many businesses have taken in recent years. Instead of personal checks, I gave my clients who may not want to, or have access to G-Pay, the option to send a cashier's check or money order as a form of payment.

Forms of payment are something everything freelance writer needs to consider. Whether it is cash, check, or cashless, consider presenting at least two ways for clients to pay you can go a long way towards keeping mutually beneficial business arrangements. Doing so can help you down the path of becoming a successful professional writer.


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