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How I Price My Freelance Writing

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There are a million and one how-to articles to help decide pricing for your freelance writing skills. Some are genuinely helpful and others...are not. However, deciding the pricing for your freelance writing skills is no exact science.

After over a year of professional blogging, I finally learned enough life lessons to accurately price my writing skills. When I began, I was plagued by the thought that I wasn't skilled enough to charge what some other writers did. To some degree, I was correct. However, I sold myself short and created a life lesson in valuing my skills.

"What does your pricing look like?"

I receive this exact question with every client request. While I could throw out a blanket price, I learned through writing and researching various topics that a blanket price just did not fit. So I began to look at several unique factors that determine the pricing based on the client's needs.

How Much Research Is Involved?

how much research is involved?
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Writing about a brand's product is infinitely easier than a technical paper over regulations or cannabinoids. Less in-depth research is required when the main topic is a product or feature that a brand is looking to highlight. Typically, they will have the required source material on hand.

I had to learn the hard way that my time was an expense that had to be accounted for. Just because a writer is researching one topic or another doesn't mean they aren't working. Research is important and should be treated as such.

How Large Is The Commission?

How large is the comission?
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When it comes to freelance writing, I have found long-term arrangements are the most ideal. I encourage clients to work off a simple year-long contract, with a set minimum number of articles at a set price. Because it is steady work, I can offer a lower price in return.

What Is The Deadline?

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Does the client need the article within 24 hours or in two weeks? A short deadline may mean sleep deprivation and lots of caffeine (and one stressed writer as a result). In a way, it is like shipping a gift from Point A to Point B. If you need your gift to get to Point B overnight, it will cost more than if you pay for it to get there in a week.

It is also worth noting that giving a longer deadline means more time for in-depth research and editing. Think about the ending of Game of Thrones. They rushed it, and many fans felt as though there were too many questions left unanswered. Long story short, don't repeat the same mistakes as Game of Thrones.

Writing is not an exact science. When it comes to freelance writing, talking with clients one on one can help both parties and help create a long-term partnership. Taking into account the work that goes into writing can also help a writer keep from shorting themselves. With time and experience, any writer can find what works best for them and their clients.


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