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SOP Must-Haves for Every Cannabis Business

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Anyone working within the cannabis industry can tell you it is constantly evolving. But as businesses continue to grow, expectations and company policies should be outlined in order to prevent problems from arising. To help keep the harmony and maintain high standards, cannabis businesses (no matter the niche) should have a set of Standards of Practice.

A Standard of Practice (or SOP for short) is a set of guidelines for all employees. They will often contain information regarding dress codes, phone use policies, instructions for company-specific procedures, and more. When outlining an SOP for your cannabis business, there are a few items you should include:

Employee Dress Codes

While the cannabis industry is usually more relaxed with dress codes, there are a few specific things that should be included for employee safety. These items include:

  • No high heels

  • No dangling chains or ropes on clothing or jewelry

  • No racist/sexist clothing on company grounds

  • Hygiene requirements

While these can seem like common sense to many, they can help eliminate embarrassing conversations and workplace mishaps.

Write-Up Policies

All employees should know what behavior is expected of them and the disciplinary actions that follow if behavior violates company policy. Write-ups should always have a paper trail, covering documentation of the problems and possible remedies.

Social Media Policies

Everyone loves to show off a beautiful looking plant or a frosty nug. However, social media posts could potentially disclose proprietary information. Every SOP should cover if and what kinds of pictures can be taken, as well as what happens if social media policies are violated.

Job Duty Outlines

To help keep communication clear, outlining the job duties for each employee role should be a part of your SOP. Not only will this offer a clear understanding of what is expected for each role but also eliminates unnecessary cases of "That's not my job."

Feeding Schedules

For any grow SOP, this is a crucial section to include. Having a section dedicated to the feeding schedules for your plants can help solidify communication and help prevent accidents from occurring. Additionally, it is a great tool for new hires to refer to if need be.

Standards of Practice are a tool to help your cannabis business work its way toward success. They establish boundaries and help facilitate standardization and communication. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, having a well-written SOP will help ensure your business grows along with it.



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