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Cannabis Blogging Tips for 2023

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

We are only 3 months into the new year and big things have been happening for the cannabis industry on a national level. Whenever you turn on the TV, it seems like everyone is talking about cannabis. But with all the buzz around Mary Jane, how do cannabis bloggers stand apart from the pack?

Focus on Education Rather than Sales Pitches

For the past couple of years, the cannabis industry has seen a rise in patients/consumers demanding education over sales pitches. Demographics such as age and gender play into the drive behind this demand. Cannabis bloggers and writers should use this trend to help shape the content they produce.

Educational content can consist of many different niches. Bloggers can focus on content for consumers or provide in-depth educational content for industry workers/professionals. Or if you prefer, write for both.

Keep Up-to-Date with Current Events

The cannabis industry is constantly changing. At a minimum, individuals should keep up to date with the current information for their own state's industry. Information for the current rules and regulations can be found in places like;

  • The state department overseeing the industry

  • Your states Sensate and House (for currently discussed legislation

  • Industry news sites

Share on Cannabis-Friendly Social Media

Social media can be a pain point for anyone in the cannabis industry. However, some sites have become more welcoming to the legal cannabis industry in the last few years. New sites designed for industry professionals and enthusiasts have also emerged.

For a list of cannabis-friendly social media, please check out our article here.



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