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Canada Health Publishes Key Report Surrounding CBD

Photo by Ryan on Unsplash
Photo by Ryan on Unsplash

The science surrounding CBD has made impressive strides in recent years. However, many health panel officials have avoided making strident medical claims due to laws and regulations surrounding the hemp market. While many US studies surrounding CBD have still been considered preliminary, Canada Health has made bold claims about the cannabinoid.

In a report published in July 2022 by Health Canada, the Canadian federal department residing over national health policy and regulations, the claim was made that the cannabinoid CBD was considered safe within reason for healthy adults and dogs in low servings.

According to the report, "Although the recommended dosage of no more than 200mg/day of CBD was considered to be safe for use by healthy adults without oversight from a physician or nurse practitioner, committee members unanimously agreed that consultation with a pharmacist should be encouraged if taking other medications to support patient safety and informed consumer decision-making."

This conclusion was made based on current studies and both animal and human trials available. While the report is considered optimistic and a massive win for the hemp industry, it does come with a cautionary label. Cannabinoid research concerning CBD, THC, and minor cannabinoids is still evolving and new advances are being made. Our understanding of how cannabinoids can be used to benefit society is still developing.

The Canadian report also explores the safety of CBD usage for pets. According to their findings, "members agreed that CBD is considered safe for dogs when administered at very low doses between 0.2-2 mg/kg taken orally twice a day."

On the other hand, members of the board acknowledged the evidence of CBD usage in cats, but could not determine the safety due to a lack of research material available.

Industry professionals and hemp enthusiasts can celebrate the win provided by the Canadian Health report but should be aware that this information does not change the regulations set forth by the US FDA. Hemp brands cannot use wordage such as "treats" and "cures" on labeling, education content, or advertising. Reports like the one discussed above are a stepping stone towards changing not only regulation but also the mindset of those impacted by outdated propaganda.



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