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Dear CBD Brands, Show Us Your Process

When it comes to marketing, there is hardly a more difficult terrain than cannabis (hemp included). There are a number of hurdles brands have to overcome when trying to get the word out about their products. Legal restrictions fly by night brands, scams, misinformation about CBD...all of these things can make marketing a pain in the ass.

But never fear, there is one sure fire way that can help build trust between brands and their customers. And it's a simple one. Show us your process.

Giving a behind the scenes glimpse of how your product is made and who is making it can give consumers confidence in your products and brand as a whole. Of course, you don't have to show every part of your process for obvious reasons, but giving sneak peeks can help provide unique and valuable content that your customers will enjoy.

What kinds of sneak peeks can you provide to your consumers? Some ideas include:

Pictures and videos of plants used for CBD extraction

Show us the beautiful plants your team is growing to make your products. Not only will this add some diversity to your content, but it will give your consumers a peek behind the curtain.

Meet the staff

Consumers like to know the brands they are purchasing from, and what makes a brand special? Your staff! Short meet the staff member videos let consumers put a face to the product and give your brand credibility.

Show us how to use your products

Not everyone will know how to use your products. By giving short demonstrations on how to use your products, you can answer frequently asked questions your customers may have.

Showing sneak peeks of your brand's process can not only diversify your content but also establish trust with your customers. It can help create the unique profile of your brand and set it apart from the rest.

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