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Why I Chose To Start A Cannabis Blog

Like many Americans, I found myself with reduced hours at work and confined to my house during 2020. With little to do besides walk laps around my yard and stare at a screen, I began to look for something that would help occupy my time while still being productive.

At the time, I was working in the hemp industry as a Retail Admin Assistant and had begun to notice a pattern. Customers would have the same wheelhouse of questions that they couldn't seem to find answers for. And even if they could find an article that answered their questions, they wouldn't always be able to understand the science behind the answer.

And thus, the Hemp Bitch was born.

I have always said the way to erase the stigma of cannabis was through education and transparency. The Hemp Bitch was started with the belief that by providing open and easy to understand educational material, I can do my part in ending cannabis prohibition. Fear, racism, and greed are what made cannabis illegal in the first place, education and transparency are what will restore it.

The Hemp Bitch is a passion project I began to help further cannabis education for consumers, industry professionals, and those who may still be on the fence. The cannabis industry is the career path I have chosen to walk with thousands of other Americans of every social class, race, and religion. The cannabis industry is made up of unique individuals with one goal; erasing the stigma of a plant that can help save the planet.


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