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What is CBVD?

Most people know about CBD and THC, but what about the other minor cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant? There are hundreds of cannabinoids that science is just barely beginning to scrape the surface of, one such being Cannabinodivarin, or CBVD for short.

According to Cannabi Journal, CBVD is derived from CBN, an increasingly popular minor cannabinoid. Because of their relationship, CBVD is believed to exhibit similar attributes including anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. Unfortunately, due to the limited presence of this specific cannabinoid, research has not been able to identify its exact benefits.

As cannabis legalization becomes more widespread, research availability is becoming more accessible. Minor cannabinoids found in minute quantities, such as CBVD, are becoming easier to identify and gather samples for testing.

There is still a long list of minor cannabinoids, including CBVD, we do not know much about. With time, we will be able to identify CBVD's benefits and figure how this specific cannabinoid can help us live our best lives possible.


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