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What is CBT?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

With more and more research being done on cannabinoids from cannabis, minor cannabinoids are getting more attention. One such cannabinoid is Cannabitriol, or CBT for short, is one such being looked at in closer detail.

What is CBT? According to GVB Biopharma, "CBT is classified as a diether, which means that it has the same chemical relationship with CBD as CBD has with THC." They also go on to explain that is naturally found in lower levels than other cannabinoids.

Unfortunately, there has not a lot of research done to discover CBT's full potential. According to an article published by Marijuana Doctors and reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado MD, "First reported in 2014, it is yet to be studied whether Cannabitriol is psychoactive or has any therapeutic benefits. Since Cannabitriol is found in very small quantities and not in all cannabis plants, makes the research studies even more difficult."

With marijuana legalization becoming more widespread and a focus on understanding all components of the cannabis plant, more research is being done every day. Though it may take time, we are learning about the many benefits each and every cannabinoid has to offer.



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