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What is CBR?

There are hundreds of cannabinoids found within hemp and marijuana. Thanks to more accessible research, we are identifying more information about individual cannabinoids every day. One such cannabinoid is Cannabiripsol or CBR for short.

According to the Cannabi Journal, "CBR was discovered recently in South Africa from the South African cannabis plant variant." This makes it one of the newest cannabinoids to join the ever-expanding list. Though researchers have been able to isolate CBR, it exists in such minor quantities that studying its properties and benefits has not yet been accomplished.

Current research focuses on the potential benefits of CBR and how this specific cannabinoid fits in with the entourage effect. Much like CBV and CBGV, science has only been able to begin diving into the vast potential of cannabis thanks to expanding legalization. The hope is we will fully be able to unlock the potential benefits of CBR in the upcoming years, giving new avenues for science and medicine to explore.


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