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What is CBGV?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

CBD, THC, and even CBG are becoming household terms within the cannabis community. However, there are literally hundreds of cannabinoids that science is just beginning to discover. One such cannabinoid is Cannabigerovarin, or CBGV for short.

According to Marijuana Doctors, CBGV is a derivative of cannabigerol (or as we may more commonly know it, CBG). In a previous article, we discussed the scientific research that has been done in order to understand CBG. And much like CBG, CBGV holds many of the same potential benefits.

In an article published by Ionization Labs they explain, "As a molecule on its own, CBGV has anti-inflammatory benefits" and "boosts the metabolism of CBD". While this points to many shared potential benefits with CBG, CBGV has also been the focus on cancer research as well.

Ionization Labs explains, "CBGV, like other cannabinoids, is being heavily researched for its ability to positively impact cancer treatment by shrinking cancer cells and preventing metastasis."

But just like any other cannabinoid, CBGV will need to be the focus of more in-depth research in order to understand the full spectrum of potential benefits. Changing cannabis laws have allowed for more detailed research to be accessible within recent years, opening doors and windows that were shut to the industry before. There is still a lot we don't know about CBGV, but each piece of information is another clue to uncovering the full potential of the cannabis plant.


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