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What is CBF?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Everyone knows what THC and CBD are, however, there is a list a mile long of lesser-known cannabinoids many have never heard of. Recent research has shed light on the unique benefits of many of these cannabinoids, including Cannabifuran (or CBF for short).

While cannabifuran is a mouthful to say, we actually know very little of this specific cannabinoid. Current research shows what the molecular structure of CBF is and how it stems from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC for short). According to Mol-Instincts, a website designated to a chemical database based on quantum mechanics, "The Cannabifuran molecule contains a total of 51 bond(s)."

Though we know what CBF looks like under a microscope, the restraints on cannabis research has made it difficult to unlock the full potentials of CBF. However, with more states legalizing cannabis, this is becoming a more attainable goal every day. According to Cannibi Journal, "CBF should follow the path of CBT, considering its features, which are in tow of the THC compound."

Much like CBE, CBT, and countless other cannabinoids, CBF is still a medical mystery to us. But with cannabis becoming legal across more states, the path to discovering the full potential of each individual cannabinoid is becoming easier. Through research and education, we can unlock the benefits of cannabinoids such as CBF.

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