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What is CBCV?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Everyone knows about CBD and THC, but what about lesser known cannabinoids, such as CBCV? Cannabichromevarin, or CBCV for short, is a relation to CBC. And just like CBC, current cannabis laws have restricted research on minor cannabinoids. However, changing laws have begun to open up avenues for more detailed research on cannabinoids such as CBCV.

So what exactly do we know about CBCV? According to Marijuana Doctors, "Because CBCV and CBC have similar molecular structures, they may also have similar effects." In a previous article, we discussed how CBC has been linked to inflammation reduction. Because of the similar structures, CBCV may share those properties. However, more research will need to be done in order to properly understand the association between the two cannabinoids.

According to Ionization Labs, "CBCV is not psychoactive, so you will have no high from using this cannabinoid as you would with THC." They also went on to state that CBCV does not need to be heated, unlike other cannabinoids.

While the information we have about CBCV is limited, changing cannabis laws are opening up the floor for more detailed research. With more education about cannabinoids being made accessible, the more we can understand about cannabis and how it can help our world.

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