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What is CBC?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Nearly anyone you talk to has heard about CBD and THC. But the list of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, marijuana and hemp, goes far beyond that. One such cannabinoid is Cannabichromene, or CBC for short.

Cannabichromene is a mouthful for a minor cannabinoid, however it shows major potential thanks to recent research.

According to Cresco Labs, a cannabis cultivator operating in 9 different states, published an article outlining the benefits of CBC. In the article, they explain, "[CBC] is a powerful, non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning it will not cause a patient to feel “high.”"

The British Journal of Pharmacology released a study in 2012 on inflammation-induced hypermotility in mice. The results were published stating, "CBC selectively reduces inflammation-induced hypermotility in vivo in a manner that is not dependent on cannabinoid receptors or TRPA1."

This study shows CBC has a potential promise of inflammation reduction. Of course, more research will need to be done to unlock our understanding of CBC's full benefits.

While CBC is not as popular as CBD, CBG, or CBN, it does have a niche market. But consumers should be wary of medical claims, even those that don't necessarily claim specific benefits.

We are still learning about CBC and what it has to offer the world. Just like CBD, CBG, or any other cannabinoid, we find new benefits every day. As more research is done, the more we can understand about the wonders of CBC.



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