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What is Bud Rot?

There is nothing sadder than seeing bud rot in an otherwise beautiful bud. Most within the cannabis community have their own horror stories about bud rot and can spot it from a mile away. However, those new to cannabis may not know what exactly to look for.

According to an article published by Leafly, "Bud rot is a type of mold that develops in the dense cores of cannabis buds. It starts on the stem inside of the bud and spreads outward, and it’s difficult to detect in its early stages."

Bud rot will typically appear white and whispy, and later turn grey and black as the rot progresses. Most brands will have quality control measures in place to prevent contaminated by from ending up on store shelves. However, consumers should know what to look for. If you find bud rot within your purchased cannabis, immediately reseal the packaging and contact the store you purchased from (remember your receipt!).

99.9% of growers take preventative measures against bud rot, including humidity, ventilation, and temperature control. Of course, unforeseen circumstances can happen that result in the loss of a cannabis crop. However, most experienced growers can navigate any issues to help prevent the onset of bud rot.

Cannabis, just like with any crop, has its obstacles to overcome. Bud rot is one of the most well-known issues growers face. However, new technology that has grown alongside the cannabis industry is helping growers navigate around problems like this and provide quality flower to consumers.


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