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Treats vs Tinctures

If you are a pet owner, you probably have seen at least half a dozen ads for CBD products marketed towards your furry friends. Tinctures and Treats are just a couple of options on the market but are some of the most popular.

According to a Neilson article released in early 2020 through Cision, "Pet products have logged over $9.4 million in sales at regulated adult use cannabis retailers in California, Colorado, Nevada, and Washington combined." While this was for the first quarter of 2018 through the third quarter of 2019, it is safe to say that the CBD pet product sector of the industry is nothing to scoff at.

But as a pet owner, how do you know which pet product is the right one for your needs? As a pet parent and cannabis professional, this was something I took a particular interest in. And I can tell you from experience, each product has its own pros and cons.

CBD Pet Treats


  • Everyone likes treats, it doesn't matter if you have two legs or four. Treats are an easy way to give your pet CBD without hiding it in cheese.

  • For those new to CBD, one of the most daunting things is dosage. Treats are an easy way to give your pet the correct CBD dosage without the muss and fuss.


  • One size doesn't fit all. While a small dog or cat may need only one CBD pet treat, a larger pet may need a larger dose. Just like people, CBD effects each pet uniquely.

  • Picky pets may turn up their nose. In a previous article, we discussed how to give CBD to a picky kitty. Of course, any pet can be picky. Your furry angel may not like the flavor and beg for a more tasty treat.

CBD Pet Tinctures


  • When you have a larger pet, CBD pet treats can get expensive. Tinctures may be a more cost-effective alternative.

  • Great for picky pets. Tinctures are easy to hide in their food or treats they like.


  • For those new to CBD, measuring dosages can seem daunting. Thankfully, many legitimate companies will provide how-to guides either on the packaging itself, on their website, or both.

  • Any pet parent will tell you that messes are a part of owning a pet. Spills happen, and tinctures require a bit more clean up compared to treats.

Tinctures and treats are both great options when it comes to providing pets CBD. However, the best product is dependant on you and your pet's needs. There are a million and one CBD companies out there when it comes to pet products, make sure you choose a legitimate one who is transparent and cares about the products they put out on the market. You can read our article about choosing CBD pet products here for helpful tips on how to choose a reputable product.



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