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The Importance of Cannabis Education

Cannabis education is important to industry growth
Photo by Nicole Plunkett on Unsplash

Cannabis may be legal in the majority of the United States, however, each state has its own unique and rapidly evolving market. But despite the vast differences from state to state, the need for consistent cannabis education remains the same.

The research surrounding cannabis has made massive strides in the past ten years thanks to the legal market providing material to study. Researchers have been able to pinpoint the medical potential of different cannabinoids, how various terpene profiles influence the cannabis plant, and many other different aspects surrounding hemp and marijuana.

However, inconsistent information is provided to consumers for various reasons. Whether it be fly-by-night brands fabricating information to sell their products, outdated research being used, or anti-cannabis propaganda, consumers are often left empty-handed or with partial information when searching for the answers they need.

Quality brands that want to make an impact on consumers need to focus on education that the consumer can understand. Regurgitating facts from research papers and studies can only do so much. The consumer needs to be able to understand what they are reading. By providing information in a way that can be understood by anyone reading it, brands can make a lasting impact on consumers and provide their staff with valuable educational material.

This blog was started with consumer education in mind. After working within both the hemp and medical marijuana markets, I had noticed a need for easily digestible educational content without a focus on sales. While writing content around a set of products is important, brands should also remember to focus on the questions the consumer has. Creating trust between your brand and your target audience is started when brands make an effort to address their consumers' questions and concerns.

Cannabis education is only becoming more important as legalization spreads. By promoting consistent and accurate educational material, brands can establish trust between their customers while dispelling anti-cannabis propaganda at the same time. Cannabis research can only go so far, it is up to industry professionals to use the research material provided to educate consumers.


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