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Sometimes We Just Need A Break

Anyone who says writing is easy is lying.

Some topics can flow onto paper easily, but others can feel like trying to pour cold molasses in the middle of December. And sometimes the flow just...stops.

Writer's block can feel like walking around with a ball and chain. You want to write, you just don't know what to write about. Sometimes reading or taking a walk helps. However, sometimes you just feel stuck.

I hadn't updated my blog in a week. I would find a topic that I felt my readers could benefit from, did my research and found credible sources, and sat down to begin writing. But the words just wouldn't come out. It felt like I had a mental block the size of Texas preventing me from putting words on paper.

So I took a break.

Instead of sitting down to write each evening, I picked up a book or caught up on the latest from Hulu. I took the time to relax and step away from the keyboard. By the time I sat back down to write, the mental block was gone.

Some believe that in order to be a writer, you have to write every single day. This simply isn't true. Without periodical breaks to step away and do something else, we risk burning out.

According to Western Governor's University, burnout can lead to physical and mental issues such as depression, anxiety, and an increased chance to develop heart disease or high blood pressure. Taking periodical breaks to rest and recharge can help deter burnout and leave you healthier and happier in the long run.

We are humans, not machines who can continuously work without a break. Remember to take care of yourself. Burnout can have a lasting impact on our personal and professional lives. Take a break and unclog that mental impact in order to be more productive, happy, and fulfilled.



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