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Saigo International Spectrum Hemp Flower Review

Photo by Shelby McDaniel, logo provided by Saigo International

Smokable hemp flower should be like a fine wine, and I had the pleasure of taste testing some of Saigo International's latest vintage. From the moment I pulled a Spectrum bud from its child-resistant packaging, I could not stop inhaling the floral, yet slightly earthy scent. It made me feel like I was right there in the field with the plant itself. The bud was slightly sticky to the touch, holding in the flavor profile waiting to be tasted.

Cannabinoid Analysis

Like any quality hemp producer, Saigo International was more than happy to supply me with a current COA. Their Spectrum flower was listed as carrying a CBD percentage of 7.2% and a THC percentage of .26%. Also listed was a CBN percentage of .02%. The combination of cannabinoids left this particular strain with a subtle, yet effective, profile.

The Taste Test

I tested Saigo's Spectrum hemp flower out of my traditional handheld pipe. The flower itself offered a smooth hit filled with the same earthy and floral tones as its scent suggested. I didn't experience any harsh feeling in the back of my throat, nor did it completely overpower me. Just like a fine wine, this was a hemp flower strain to be savored.

The Experience

Saigo's Spectrum is the kind of hemp flower you want to smoke before putting on your favorite playlist and knocking out the weekend cleaning. After about 10 minutes, I could feel the effects of the hemp flower begin to set in. The balance of cannabinoids left me with the feeling of being relaxed but not to the point of needing a nap. Saigo International's Spectrum hemp flower is a prime example of how bigger isn't always better.

Additional Notes

While Saigo's Spectrum hemp flower is exceptional, the only area I would like to see them improve on is working with the genetics to see if they can increase the CBN content. With minor cannabinoids like CBN and CBG becoming more and more prevalent, it is my personal opinion that this could give them an advantage in the industry.

About Saigo International

Photos provided by Saigo International

Located in the Kush belt of California, Saigo International is a boutique hemp farm focused on sustainable farming. By focusing on quality rather than quantity, they are able to give each plant the individual attention required to reach its full potential. For more information or to find out how to get your own taste of their smokable Spectrum hemp flower, please reach out to Siago International here.


This article is solely my opinion of hemp flower provided to me by Saigo International for review. Please be aware that smokeable hemp flower has a different impact on each person. My experience may be different from another individual. Please consult with your doctor before you try smokeable hemp flower if you are on any prescribed medications or have severe allergies.


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