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Saigo International Abacus Hemp Flower Review

Saigo International's Abacus smokable hemp flower and preroll
Photo by Shelby McDaniel, Logo Provided by Saigo International

Hemp is a gift of nature, so it's only natural for some strains to bring the essence of Mother Nature into their profile. I had the pleasure of taste testing Saigo International's newest smokable hemp flower addition, Abacus. From the time I opened the child resistant packaging, I could smell the earthy scent that made me want to go get lost in nature for a little while.

Cannabinoid Analysis

Like any quality hemp producer, Saigo International was more than happy to send a copy of their current COA along with the flower. Their Abacus flower lists the CBD content as 7.61% and the THC content as .22%. Also listed is a CBG content of .31%.

The Taste Test - Preroll

The first way I tested Saigo's Abacus smokeable hemp flower was in a preroll. While their Spectrum hemp flower had more floral notes, this particular strain was more earthy. The preroll's paper did not get in the way of the flavor, smoked evenly, and did not leave a harsh feeling in the back of my throat.

The Taste Test - Flower

Much like the preroll, the flower smoked out of a handheld pipe was an enjoyable experience. Because of the freshness of the ground flower, the flavor was slightly more potent but still did not leave a harsh feeling in the back of my throat.

The Experience

Abacus is the kind of hemp flower you want to smoke before launching into a long gaming session. With some strains, drowsiness can set in and before you know it, you've triggered a boss fight you weren't ready for (been there, done that). However, Abacus did not trigger drowsiness, instead, this particular strain left me with a relaxed feeling while still allowing me to concentrate on the task at hand.

Additional Notes

Much like Saigo's Spectrum smokable hemp flower, the only area I would like to see improved on is an attempt to boost the CBG content in their Abacus strain. With more focus being placed on minor cannabinoids, I personally believe this could help give Saigo International an edge in the market.

About Saigo International

Photos Provided by Saigo International

Located in the Kush belt of California, Saigo International is a boutique hemp farm focused on sustainable farming. By focusing on quality rather than quantity, they are able to give each plant the individual attention required to reach its full potential. For more information or to find out how to get your own taste of their smokable Spectrum hemp flower, please reach out to Siago International here.


This article is solely my opinion of hemp flower provided to me by Saigo International for review. Please be aware that smokeable hemp flower has a different impact on each person. My experience may be different from another individual. Please consult with your doctor before you try smokeable hemp flower if you are on any prescribed medications or have severe allergies.



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