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OMMA Releases Assessment of Oklahoma's Medical Cannabis Market

Image by Mike from Pixabay
Image by Mike from Pixabay

In June of 2023, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority released an empirical assessment of the state's legal cannabis industry. Assembled by Cannabis Public Policy Consulting, this 24-page report offers an interesting overview of what consumers think and what the industry has to offer.

The survey, taken over the course of 2 months in early 2023, consulted 1,322 cannabis consumers in Oklahoma. The panel of individuals surveyed offered some interesting statistics that cannabis retailers should take note of.

To start, the median household income of cannabis users in Oklahoma is $35,000. While the median household income of Oklahoma residents is $56,956, this gives cannabis brands an idea of the price range their shoppers could afford to avoid pricing them out.

Other statistics of note is that 64.6% of participants surveyed were women compared to 33.3% being male participants. Less than 2% identified as either transgender or other. This statistic alone gives brands an idea of certain areas of demographics to appeal to.

However, some statistics show a more alarming side to the industry. According to the survey, 55% of those who participated in the survey have accessed at least some of their cannabis from illicit sources. While this is a darkly interesting statistic, further explanation hints that regulated demand cannot meet the total demand of cannabis consumers, patient and non-patient alike.

The assessment, while offering an overview, does not explain every facet of the industry as a whole. Oklahoma's cannabis industry has had major changes in the last several years. This assessment offers the first glimpse of the landscape as the dust begins to settle.

To read the full assessment, please visit the OMMA website for more information.



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