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Oklahoma's Cannabis Signage Deadline is Coming. Are You Prepared?

Photo by Jose Fontano on Unsplash
Photo by Jose Fontano on Unsplash

Starting Nov. 1st, all Oklahoma medical marijuana grows will be required to post signage at the perimeter of their locations. These signs will have to have the ability to be read from the road and follow strict requirements for the signs themselves. While the industry held out hope this latest absurdity would be repealed, its November deadline still remains in effect.

Make no mistake, this requirement is a security risk on multiple levels. So what can Oklahoma businesses do to protect themselves?

Invest In Security

Security is expensive. That is a fact but is necessary to keep your business and employees safe. This law put a target on all of our backs, creating a safeguard can help prevent horrible incidents from occurring.

Consult with a security professional and evaluate the weak points of the property and building(s). These can include:

  • Windows and doors

  • Ventilation systems

  • Gaps in fencing

  • Blindspots in security camera coverage

While Security may be expensive, it is necessary when our politicians pass irresponsible laws like SB 1737.

Create Solid Saftey Procedures

What are your business' opening and closing procedures? What do your employees do in case of a robbery? What should they do if damaged property is found?

There need to be specific safety procedures outlined in your Standards of Practice and employee handbooks. These will help your staff know what to do if problems arise.

Document All Break-Ins and Property Damage

While someone breaking into your trash bins or cutting a fence seems like a fairly small act, it is not a far leap to something more serious. It is important to work with local law enforcement to document any acts of trespassing or vandalism. This documentation serves to show a pattern in case of a serious theft instance, an employee being harmed, or other acts of violence.

It also creates documentation and shows how irresponsible SB 1737's signage requirements are. When common sense has failed (and in this instance, it most certainly has), then clear-cut proof is needed.

The Bottom Line

SB 1737 is an irresponsible and ill-conceived piece of legislation. Unfortunately, it will be Oklahoma's cannabis industry that will suffer. It is imperative that businesses invest and create a focus on security during this brief period before it goes into effect.



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