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Lanai Hemp Gift Box Review

Every Spring, I get a craving for fruity flavors and bright colors. Lanai Hemp's CBD gift box covers all these cravings in one package. From the colorful design to the self-care essentials inside, it's like getting a mini-vacation in a box.


While many companies opt to use the traditional green and white color scheme, Lanai Hemp's gift box packaging came across as unique and well put together. On the inside of the lid was a short description of each product included in the box. If you turned the box over, you would find a list of the included products and a QR Code that takes you straight to the Lab Results page on their website. This wound up being my favorite packaging feature, mainly because it helps create a clean presentation and allows for consumers to find the most recent product COAs easily.

Overall, I was impressed with the packaging. This could easily be something that I could give as a gift without having to worry about wrapping paper or sticking on a big sparkly bow.

900MG Pineapple Mango Tincture

Tinctures are my preferred go-to product when I need something to help wind me down at night. And while I have tried quite a few tinctures in my CBD journey, Pineapple Mango was a first. The taste was fruity, but not overly sweet.

The first night I tried the tincture, I took .5ml rather than the full 1mg recommended dosage. Since this was a new product, I wanted to see how a small dosage would affect me compared to a full dosage.

I applied the tincture sublingually to maximize efficiency. As discussed in a previous article, research has shown that sublingual application can boost absorption into the bloodstream. This way, the tincture works more quickly and efficiently.

The half dosage made me feel relaxed but not overly drowsy. Like many CBD users, I experience drowsiness when taking higher doses of CBD (which is great when you want to go to sleep).

I took the full 1mg dosage the following night. This time, I began to feel more drowsy after about 10 minutes. When I fell asleep, I slept through the night without waking up randomly every few hours like I normally do.

250MG Vegan Infused Fruit Chews

I am picky when it comes to edibles, but Lanai Hemp's fruit chews are easily one of my favorites. I had to practice self-control (ie having my partner put them up where I couldn't reach) just so I wouldn't eat them all in one sitting. With 10MG of CBD per chew, it's a good starter dose for those new to hemp edibles.

My favorite part about these chews is the sugar content. As someone with hypoglycemia, I have to watch my sugar intake. These CBD chews contain 2g of sugar per serving, making them a better choice than some other options on the market.

500MG Pineapple Vanilla Salve

The day my Lanai Hemp Gift Box came in the mail, I had been dealing with some lower back pain from transplanting at work. It was the perfect time to test out the Pineapple Vanilla Salve. When you first open the tin, you can smell a sweet fruity scent that has only a small backing of mint.

The salve itself was easy to rub into my skin and didn't overwhelm the senses when applied. Within a few minutes, I noticed most of the pain I had felt was gone. While it didn't take the pain away completely, it was definitely quicker and more targeted than taking a pain killer.

CBD Bath Bomb

The CBD bath bomb may not be included in the Gift Box, but I would highly recommend it as an add-on purchase. Normally, I am wary of bath bombs because of artificial scents and dyes that can give me a rash. However, this particular bath bomb did not cause any negative reactions on my skin.

After a very long week at work, I decided a hot bath was just the thing to unwind on a Friday night. I ran a hot bath and dropped in a 50MG White Lily Jasmine bath bomb. The white and pink bath bomb did its magic, leaving a steaming, lightly floral scented bath for me to enjoy. So I put on some Netflix and just relaxed until the water went cool. Afterward, I put on my favorite comfy sweats and went to bed, where I slept like a baby.

Additional Notes

Lanai Hemp's Gift Box is a great idea when you want to treat someone special in your life (or if you want to give yourself a treat). I had a quality experience with every product they provided me. As a consumer, their transparency and easy access to product information and testing makes me feel more comfortable about trying a new product. If there was one area that I would like to see them approve on, it is adjusting the disclaimer text on the salve and tincture packaging. From a compliance standpoint, I am glad that they provide that information, but it is a little hard to read.

About Lanai Hemp

Inspired by Hawaii and based in Texas, this women-owned business prides itself on providing the best hemp products possible. With backgrounds ranging from Nutrition to Health Studies, they have designed products that not only smell great but work great as well. For any questions about Lanai Hemp's line of products, please contact them here. Want a Gift Box of your own? Follow the link here to view their full line of products.


This article is solely my opinion of the CBD products provided to me by Lanai Hemp for review. Please be aware that CBD products, such as oils, have a different impact on each person. My experience may be different from another individual. Please consult with your doctor before you try CBD products if you are on any prescribed medications or have severe allergies.


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