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In Light of #SaveOurChildren, Netflix Releases Show Exploiting Underage Girls

Warning: Contains mature themes and adult language.

I was scrolling through Netflix late one evening when a scene of twerking underage girls came across my screen. Like everyone else, I had seen articles about the controversial show debuting while hashtags like #saveourchildren are still trending. To be completely honest, I cannot decide if it was a horrible miscalculation on their marketing department's part or if the tech giant is run by mentally impaired jackasses.

You would have to live under a rock to not have heard about the controversial piece causing the #CancelNetflix trend. According to The New York Times, "In France, where the film was released in theaters on Aug. 19, “Cuties” did not stir much controversy." However, it was met with justified damnation in the United States.

An IMB Parent's Guide rated it as severe, detailing several disturbing scenes including, "When caught with her cousin's phone, an 11-year-old girl locks herself in the bathroom, pulls down her pants and snaps a picture of her private area before publishing it online."

The disturbing cinematic monstrosity united people from all walks of life. People that would normally vow to never agree on anything are standing up together against the pedophilic bullshit being pushed onto our screens.

Unfortunately, the Cuties disaster does have its defenders. An article written and published by the New Yorker claims that the fight to shut down the film is part of a right-wing campaign. It disguises pedophilia as feminism and a celebration of culture. Personally, it makes one wonder if the author of such an article subscribes to the disgusting behavior that the film panders to.

Any parent will tell you children copy what they see. And what little girl wouldn't want to watch a movie starring girls her own age? And in an impressionable child's mind, if that little girl in the movie is twerking and taking pictures of herself, then why shouldn't she?

As adults, it is our job to let kids be kids for as long as they can. The skeletons that have been falling out of the Hollywood elites' closet should have taught us that they are grooming our children. It's up to us to put a stop to it.


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