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How to Give a Picky Kitty CBD

Any cat owner will tell you cats can be more than a little picky. They will turn their furry little noses up at a lot of things, leaving some owners wondering how to give their little house goblins CBD.

There are a lot of pet-focused CBD products on the market. You can find everything from treats to tinctures to powders. So what can you give a picky kitty without them turning their nose up?

The first thing we have to consider is that cats taste things differently than humans do. According to PetMD, "cats are genetically different from most mammals in that they lack the genes necessary for tasting sweet substances."

They refer to a journal published by Plos Genetics, stating, "A functional sweet-taste receptor heteromer cannot form, and thus the cat lacks the receptor likely necessary for detection of sweet stimuli. This molecular change was very likely an important event in the evolution of the cat's carnivorous behavior."

In less scientific words, cats cannot taste the sweetness in foods because they lack the genetic capability to do so. But what does this have to do with giving my cat CBD?

Many treats use fillers to disguise the taste of CBD oil. In human theory, this makes sense, however, it can taste totally different to Fluffy. So how do you choose the right CBD for your pet?

In a previous article I wrote, we explored everything you need to consider when purchasing CBD for your furry friend. What ingredients do they use? Is it T-free? Do they have Certificates of Analysis (COAs) available on their website? What do other people have to say about the products? Yes, choosing the right CBD product for your pet does require some homework, but can prevent a lot of problems from occurring.

I have a cat named Freja who can sometimes be a little picky. This can make giving her CBD a little difficult at times. But thankfully this isn't my first rodeo, and I have a few tips to help.

The key is wet food (or treats if your cat prefers). I personally prefer a pet formulated tincture over anything else for this exact instance. When Freja is in full diva mode, I mix the appropriate tincture dosage into her wet food. Emphasis on the mix. A picky kitty may not touch the offered food if the tincture just sits on top. However, if it is well mixed, your furry Gordan Ramsey will accept the offering of wet food (or treat) happily.

Sure cats can be difficult, but we as humans love the furry little house goblins and want to give them the best lives possible. The right CBD has the potential to help your pet live their best life, sometimes we just have to be a little creative in how we give them it.

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