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Hakuna Supply Tree of Life Stash Box Review

I have a spot on my shelf where my smoking supplies sit. Of course, it isn't the most attractive looking collection of items and sometimes things don't get placed back where they belong. Thankfully, Hakuna Supply has an answer for this exact problem. I had the pleasure of reviewing Hakuna Supply's Tree of Life stash box and its accessories. Spoiler alert, my smoking supplies now have a home of their own and I have more space for books.


Hakuna Supply shipped their gift set via USPS, providing me with tracking information with prompt and friendly customer service. I felt like a kid at Christmas when it arrived in the mail and couldn't wait to open my package.

Everyone knows sending things through the mail can be a risky business. Glass can get broken, paint chipped, wood scratched...the possibilities are endless. Hakuna Supply took this into account. Packaged tight with plenty of padding, they were not taking any chances and it paid off. The stash box and its accessories were in perfect condition. Plus my cat had fun playing with the packing paper (recycling for the win!).

When I took out all the packing paper, I was greeted with Hakuna's logo. The sleeve detailed everything included in the gift set without being over the top. As someone who worked as a packager for a cannabis company in the past, I know how important packaging can be to a company's image. After all, it's one of the main ways for a business to advertise. Hakuna's packaging, from its first impression to its easy to open design, told me as a customer every little detail had been thought of.

The Stash Box

I received the Tree of Life stash box with the black finish. The Tree of Life etched into the top reminds me of Yggdrasil, the tree that connects the worlds of gods and men in Norse mythology. As someone with a passion for mythology, this made me love the stash box even more. Inside, this box has a removable middle divider, allowing more freedom to decide what exactly you want to store inside. Complete with gold hinging and lock, this box has a well put together presentation.

The Rolling Tray

The matching rolling tray is designed to fit snuggly within the stash box, making this stash box even more unique. Compact and easy to use, this is a great addition to the set. The false bottom gives you yet another place to stash your flower and stays closed with the help of a discreet magnet.

Stash Jar

Hakuna Supply also included a few extra goodies that made this set the ultimate gift for the cannabis connoisseur in your life. One goodie was their food grade glass stash jar with a bamboo lid. The jar fits perfectly within the stash box, giving me something to hold my flower in without worrying it will get everywhere.


No stash box is complete without a matching grinder. Another goodie Hakuna Supply provided is their four piece metal grinder with a kief catcher. Fitting perfectly alongside the stash jar, this sturdy little grinder is ready to grind whatever flower you prefer.

Palm King Slim Rolls

The final goodie Hakuna provided was two Palm King Cordia leaf rolls. I've smoked my fair share of blunts and this was one of the smoothes rolls I've had the pleasure of tasting. The roll did not overpower the flavor of the flower and smoked evenly the entire session.

Additional Notes

If you are looking for a gift for the cannabis connoisseur in your life, your first stop should be Hakuna Supply. You can build a complete stash box without breaking the bank. If there was only one area I would suggest improvement on, it is expanding the options on the top designs. Currently, Hakuna offers four options: the Tree of Life, the Sun and Moon, the Sea Turtle, and the Geometric elephant. I believe if they expand their design selections, it could entice more consumers with varying tastes and interests.

About Hakuna Supply

Based out of California, Hakuna Supply was designed for the modern smoker with quality and sustainability in mind. CEO Ilan Freeman shared his goals on Hakuna's website, saying, "Our approach to business is centered around honoring and maintaining our most important relationship, mother nature."

By creating quality products and using responsible packaging, they are making a name for themselves in the cannabis community. To get your own stash box and accessories, please visit Hakuna Supply's website here.


This article is solely my opinion of the stash box and accessories provided to me by Hakuna Supply for review. Please be aware my experience may differ from other individuals.

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