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Full Spectrum: What Is It And What Is It Good For?

When shopping for CBD, consumers have a number of choices to make. Do I want an isolate, broad spectrum, a 250mg tincture, a 1000mg tincture, edibles, powders.... the list is endless. One of the more common things you may see on the label is full spectrum. But what does that even mean?

According to Weedmaps, "When a CBD oil product claims to be the result of a full-spectrum extraction process, that means the plant’s original terpenes and other types of cannabinoids...have not been filtered out during the extraction process."

Because full spectrum products do not isolate specific cannabinoids, the entourage effect can cause health benefits to be more prominent. In a recent article published by Frontiers in Pharmacology, "There is a growing body of evidence to support the use of medicinal cannabis in the treatment of chronic pain. At present, there is a scientific consensus on the medicinal effects of cannabis for the treatment of chronic pain that is based on scientific evidence".

In addition, Medical News Today reports, "Another advantage of full-spectrum CBD is that it is less processed and more natural than CBD isolate."

Medical News Today cited multiple potential health benefits including antianxiety, anti-inflammatory, and anti-seizure properties. Of course, these potential benefits are being throughly researched in order to turn "potential" into "definite".

In a nutshell, full spectrum products will contain CBD, some THC, and any other cannabinoids that the hemp used for processing contained. It is worth noting that a quality product will contain less than .3% THC. Consumers can verify CBD and THC quantities (and other cannabinoids) by looking at a COA for the specific product they are looking to buy. If the company refuses to supply a COA, that is a red flag that the product may not contain everything that is advertised.

There are a million different CBD products on the market, and full spectrum products are just one of them. Full Spectrum products are a way to get the benefits of CBD while also getting the entourage effects of other cannabinoids as well. Changing laws have begun to make cannabis research more accessible, allowing us to understand the full benefits contained in this wonderful little plant and how it impacts our bodies.


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