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Don't Share Your CBD With Fido

Who can ignore the adorable begging eyes of a dog who wants the food sitting in front of you? It can be hard to tell Fido no, especially if your furry friend is a master begger. But there are a few things you absolutely should not give your dog, including CBD products manufactured for humans.

To put it simply, CBD products made for human consumption are not the same as products made with animals in mind. Products made for humans use flavorings, carrier oils, and even essential oils that may be damaging to our four legged friends.

It may be tempting to share your CBD with Fido, but he will be better off with CBD products formulated for pets specifically. If your four legged friend is on any prescribed medication, it is advised to check with the vet first to determine any potential side effects. If your vet gives you the all clear, then it is time to hit the store and search for the right CBD product for your pet.

When searching for a CBD pet product, the key to finding a quality option is transparency. Reputable companies will list the ingredients clearly on the packaging and on their website if they have one. They will also include access to their product COA's on the website, usually providing a QR code or instructions directing you to the correct web page. By providing clear and easy access to important information, CBD brands can establish trust and transparency with their customers.

It is also important to remember that just like humans, CBD can affect each animal differently. Product reviews can give you a great starting platform for how CBD may impact your pet, but results can vary. It is advised to start with a smaller serving and build up to avoid any potential side effects.

CBD can be a wonderful addition to both you and your pet's daily routine, but not all CBD products are made for both. Fido should have his own CBD made with pets in mind. There are many wonderful options available on the market, from treats to tinctures, the key is finding a transparent brand with a quality product. But once you find the right one for your needs, you and Fido have another tool to help live your best lives possible.


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