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Don't Feed The Trolls

iT LoOks LiKe MaRiJuAna.

Marketing hemp is...interesting. You get everything from "industry experts" to people who are just trying to stir the pot. Everyone on social media is a critic and thinks they know best.

Here's the thing. A lot of people who claim to be "industry experts" have only been in the game for a month, if that. You can usually identify these individuals by their condescending tone and lack of will to accept that hemp is an ever-changing industry.

On the other hand, you have people either too dumb to realize hemp and marijuana are not the same thing....or they just don't care.

"It looks like Marijuana."

"Bruh, come buy my seeds instead."

"This is illegal."

So what do you do with these types of people?

Nothing. I nothing. Feeding the trolls is not worth it. It takes up time better spent doing something more productive. Like playing with kittens. All that can be gained from feeding trolls is a feature in a "Top 10" bullshit clickbait article.

Education is important. That is why I share facts from actual industry leaders like Hemp Industry Daily and respected research groups like Neilson. Hemp is constantly changing and we are all learning as we go. By keeping an open mind and willing to engage in discussion, we can propel this industry forwards into the future.

But if you came here to learn one thing from this article, take away this one keynote - Don't feed the trolls.

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