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CBD and Sleep - Here's What We Know

If you are like me, the holidays can be a stressful time. Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list, making sure the house is clean before guests arrive, decking the halls and not your family... it can be enough to drive anyone nuts. Sometimes I just want to hide in the liquor cabinet. However, thanks to recent research, there may be another option.

According to an article published by Medical News Today, "Early studies indicate that high dosages of CBD may support sleep". With a study of 103 participants over a three month time period, researchers found that more than half the recipients who received CBD reported improved sleep. While this was a small clinical trial, it has opened up the doors for more in-depth research to study how CBD impacts our sleeping patterns.

In a larger study published by the US National Library of Medicine, over 400 participants with sleeping problems were monitored between June 2016 and May 2018. The study reported that "The current results are consistent with survey-based studies showing increasing reported usage of cannabis for treating insomnia in healthy people and patients with other primary health conditions, and a patient preference for high CBD products ".

While medical research is finding that CBD has the potential to be an effective sleep aid, there are multiple other variables that still require research. Cannabis is an herb, and just like peppermint and chamomile, it can impact everyone differently.

I myself find that small doses of CBD has a calming impact, however, larger doses can work more as a sedative. My grandmother, on the other hand, takes medication that would amplify the effects of the CBD, and cause potential side effects. This is just one real world example of why it is so important to consult with your doctor if you are on any sort of prescribed medications before adding CBD to your daily routine and starting out with smaller doses to find out how it affects you.

For many, CBD may be a helpful holiday stress management tool. Current clinical studies support that CBD has the potential to help with stress and sleep, however, both studies discuss the need for more in-depth research. Always consult with your doctor before adding CBD to your daily routine if you are already on any prescribed medications and start out with smaller doses if you decide to try CBD. But if you are like me, CBD may be a great way to help keep from turning into the Grinch during the holiday season.



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