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California Proposes Ban on Smokable Hemp Flower

Only California would have a legal marijuana program while trying to outlaw smokable hemp flower. While the Golden State could be focusing on problems such as the rising homeless population, the extremely high cost of living, or its crime rate, it has instead chosen to focus on banning a plant.

Assembly Bill No. 45 and Senate Bill No. 235 would ban the sale of smokable hemp flower products in the state of California. According to Assembly Bill No. 45, "Unless explicitly approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration, industrial hemp shall not be included in products in any of the following categories:

(1) Medical devices.

(2) Prescription drugs.

(3) Processed smokable products regulated by California law, including, but not limited to, electronic cigarettes with nicotine.

(4) Smokable flower, including, but not limited to, hookah and shisha with nicotine.

(5) A product containing nicotine or tobacco.

(6) An alcoholic beverage."

Under California law, CBD products such as tinctures and topicals would still be legal (provided they follow all other state and federal guidelines), but smokable flower would not be permitted. Considering these bills are being proposed by a state with legal marijuana, it has confused many within the industry.

Across the internet, both bills have been met with confusion. While the most common blame for the bills' support has been laid at the feet of the legal marijuana industry, even cannabis industry professionals are perplexed about the rise of this proposed legislation.

One thing is clear. Assembly Bill No. 45 and Senate Bill No. 235 make no sense whatsoever. The hemp and marijuana industries need responsible regulation, not random hoops that American farmers are forced to jump through for the entertainment of ignorant politicians.

California Hemp Professionals; to find out how to contact your senator, please click here.

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