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Blackouts and Basketball: A Question of Ethics

This article is purely the opinion of one pissed-off blogger.

Just as I am getting up at 7 AM to begin my day (after a brief 5 AM wakeup from our dog), our electricity is cut. Without the chance to grab some coffee, I scoured social media for information on the blackout. My local electric company had updated their Facebook status right as they cut the power.

The SPP and local electric companies have been warning of upcoming rolling blackouts. Consumers responded with requests for a heads up on when their area would be without power. However, this request was ignored.

When the SPP's warning level was back at a level 2 by 8 AM CST Tuesday evening, they requested consumers lower the temperatures in their homes and avoid using large appliances to conserve energy. Apparently, the NBA missed that memo.

According to the NBA's website, Oklahoma City Thunder played against the Trail Blazers at Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City Tuesday night. However, just that morning Oklahoma City had been part of the rolling blackouts.

While we all love our sports, many have been wondering why they dealt with no electricity during one of the coldest parts of the day while the game was allowed to go on. No, the electric company or SPP can't demand that they shut down the arena to conserve power. It does, however, raise a question about ethics.

Across social media, people have expressed outrage over the double standard. Yes, let's allow the family with the newborn and the family with the grandmother on oxygen to be subjugated to blackouts with no warning. After all, seeing who can shoot a ball through a hoop the most is more important, right?*

This week has been hard on everyone. Pipes are freezing, people can't get to work due to road and weather conditions, and essential businesses such as hospitals are wrapped up in these controlled blackouts. At some point we have to ask ourselves, where do we draw the line?

We are facing more controlled blackouts over the next several days. I encourage everyone to check on their neighbors and to make responsible decisions. And remember, don't eat the yellow snow.

*Pure Sarcasm here.

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