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Activism Through Education

Activism has been a core feature in American history. Without it, women would not be able to vote, segregation would still be positively inforced, and Betsy Ross would not have created the iconic stars and stripes we know today. Activism has also been a core part of cannabis legalization, but catchy slogans and assemblies may not be enough.

In a previous article, I talked about how I discussed working in the cannabis industry with my family. I had been raised in a traditional "Don't Smoke The Devil's Lettuce" household and the fact I was now working with marijuana was a bit of a shock (to say the least). So how did I avoid burning bridges with my family over my career choice? Education.

Activism through education may be more subtle, but just as effective. It's hard to argue with facts and scientifically backed data (though some will try). With changing cannabis laws, more research is being conducted to better understand the potential benefits of hemp and marijuana. However, as the saying goes, sometimes you have to lead a horse to water.

Not everyone will sit down and read a scientific article or study. With all the content on the internet, it's easy to skim, absorb maybe a sentence or two, and move on with your life without fully understanding what the paper was about. That is where educational activists come in. We take these studies and break them down (while of course citing their sources). These articles then become something we can share on social media.

Promoting cannabis education is also valuable to brands as a marketing tool. Previously, we discussed how Gen Z and Millenials value education and honesty over flashy visual methods such as "Sex Sells". Keeping a current blog covering cannabis education not only will validate your brand and boost your SEO, but will also help dispel negative propaganda.

It's safe to say our lives are influenced by social media. By taking to the virtual streets, we can continue the fight to see cannabis as a beneficial plant and not as a terrifying monster. Activism through education is a key element in changing cannabis laws and stopping history from repeating itself. They say the pen is mightier than the sword and now going into 2021, that is more true than ever before.


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