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A Small Detail Can Make All The Difference

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Have you ever picked up something at the store and the label was so crooked you wonder how it managed to pass quality control? As someone with a background in quality control, it ground my gears every time I saw a label so crooked it looked like a toddler's art project. When I switched sectors of the cannabis industry and began to work more with marketing, it only enforced my disdain for lazy labeling.

When I would go to take pictures of products, more often than not I would be trying to find the product with the most perfect label in the batch. Why? I had to look at it from a consumer's point of view.

When labeling hundreds of products, whether they be pre-rolls, topicals, extracts, or tinctures, it can be easy to let one or two crooked labels slide. What does one or two matter in a batch of one hundred? It actually matters a lot.

Cannabis brands are already limited on how they can advertise. Giants like Facebook and Google are not cannabis-friendly, leaving brands to find creative and sometimes retro ways of advertising. For many brands, the advertising your consumer sees is the packaged product itself while they are shopping.

Why does it matter if some labels are crooked or poorly applied? It reflects poorly on your brand's image. Companies that flake on quality control where labeling is concerned risk the potential of being perceived as low quality or just being overlooked in favor of a more professional appearing product. While labeling seems like such a small part of the entire product experience, it can have an impact on the consumer's buying decision.

The bottom line is simple. Brands that take pride in how their products are packaged and invest in quality control are better received by consumers. Additionally, costly mistakes are more likely to be caught during the quality control process. The cannabis industry has a laundry list of requirements to meet in order to stay compliant. By investing the extra time to quality control your products, it could save the company fines, a potential lawsuit, and can help make sure your products are well received by the market.


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