Without a level and clear understanding of the playing field, this industry will continue to fall prey to the outdated "devil's lettuce" stereotype.


Hemp's Need For a Level and Clear View of the Playing Field

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The need for accessible cannabis education has become more important than ever. What is CBG? CBN? Delta-8? Why is a COA important? How do I tell if a cannabis product is a good purchase? This blog was started with those questions in mind.

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After working in both the medical marijuana and hemp sectors of the cannabis industry, I began to see an emerging pattern. Companies that say they were focusing on education were pushing content with the intent of selling their products rather than educating those wanting to learn. As a result, conflicting information flooded the internet, confusing everyone. 

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Cannabis is my passion, and I am a strong believer in activism through education. The Hemp Bitch was created as a way to help erase the stigma surrounding cannabis by years of negative propaganda. We may not change the world overnight, but we can do our part to help create the change we want to see. 

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